Haiti Earthquake

This is one of my favorite conceptual pieces I have ever done. I am telling the story of the Haiti earthquake of 2010. I did this piece in acrylic, pencil, pen, and marker. This was a triptych piece on value. I used three different value schemes for this piece. The first is domanintly white with gray and a little black. The second panel is mostly gray, and the last piece is primarily black.

The first panel is extremely large and the next two get progressively smaller. The first panel is of a Haiti native with exploding eyes to show the terrible impact of the earthquake. I made the border of the piece white and have the exploding tears go onto the border to represent the drama and impact of the earthquake. As the panels progressivly get smaller it represents the the destruction and fading hope for Haiti and its future.

The second panel in the triptych is of a politician with money, a UN car, a camera (for the press), and a newspaper coming out of his head. This represents how people from first world countries, including America, try to help Haiti durning it's time of struggle. It also represents how people (mostly politicians) aren't necessarily helping, but just reporting about the issue and arguing about the what to do.

The last panel is of a crying stars, and its tears are falling on a Haiti native holding the countries flag. This represents the little hope for Haiti. The white star contrasts with all the black that surrounds the issue. This means there is hope but it is very small. The star looks like it is crying to represent the mourning that comes before the light of hope shines on the country.
-Sam Winder

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