Color Music Charts

Below are my color charts of music.  It is a very conceptual idea I have been working with.  I asked the question, if every note had a color assigned to it, then what would a chord look like?  Is it a mixture of each note played in the chord or does the root of the chord hold more strength?

I do not claim my charts will make anyone a better musician or songwriter.  At the same time, it is something I have used to see interesting correlations with musical notes and how the neck of the guitar is set up.

If you are a musician or an artist it can be fun to look at my charts.  I also recommending making your own charts.  To me the note C sounds yellow, but you can match it with purple, blue, or any color you like.

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  1. Very interesting idea. The charts are well designed, which makes it easy to understand your idea. It's an exciting thought to think of color with each note or cord played. Thank you for sharing.